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Simhachalam situated at 15 km from Vizag city, is a holy resting place of one of the incarnationsof lord Vishnu in the form of Varaha Laxmi Narasimha Swamy. The temple was said to be built in 11th  century, constructed 240 meter above the sea level.  In a peculiar way the lord was covered with  sandal paste every day. According to the priests  this ritual is being performed because of the Lord is very aggressive and in order to mitigate him from his anger. Once in a year the dried sandal paste will be removed on the auspicious day named Chandanayatra which falls in the midst of April. This occasion will be treated as Brahmatsovalu of Lord Venketeswara at Tirupati. Deities from all over India especially from Orissa will be visiting this place on that day. The Dhwajasthambham was erected  by the king Sri Krishna Devaraya to mark his victories in front of the main temple. The temple was rich in      sculptural architecture. A unique facility here is the hugging of "Kappa Pillar".

The people believes     that   by mere hugging this holy pillar their wishes will be full filled immediately. Devasthanam offers free   food   to the people after having darshan of the lord.   


Located at the other side of Simhachalam, Madhavadhara covered with scenic beauty of michelia (champak flower) trees,  pine apple, jack fruit,mango and cashew nut trees. Water flows from a dhara originated 40 meters above the sea level on the hill top . This dhara was named   after Madhava Swamy. Surrounding this, there are other temples of Shiva, Venugopala  Swamy and Madhava Swamy.  There are some Buddhist settlements of 2nd century  found at near by area.  Near to this place Madhava Swamy temple  was built by Chalukya Kings in 12th century. The inscriptons in the temple are Telugu- Kannada language. The images are in the type of Keerthi Mukha style. The idols in the outer wall in Oriya style. The temple was built in three stair model with Kumudam moulds. The top structure was bulit by the bricks taken from the Buddhist selttlments. The size of the bricks are 54x27x7 cm .There is a tunnel from Madhava Swamy   temple which ends at the inner temple of Smhachalam .Tourists can go to Simhachalam from this place by using  steps route in 45 minutes. There is a Venugopala Swamy temple near by this which was built by Gajapathi dynasty and a Shiva temple also built by them very nearer to that.

Madhavadhara located 5kms from Airport, 4kms from train station and 7kms from RTC complex .The tourists have to take a turn towards north on NH5 at Birla junction. While passing through the  road they can feel the change in atmosphere, after one km , at the end of the road  they can see the temples.  This area resembles mini forest.  One can only listen to the chirping of birds and they are far away from the cacophony  sounds of vehicles.  The visitors can take their bath at Dhara and have darshan of lord Shiva, Venugopala Swamy and Madhavaswamy.

Kalyananm of Madhava Swamy will be performed  every year in February.  The major events of these temples are managed by the authorities of Simhachalam temple.  The nearest shopping area is Birla Junction one can purchase any thing needed for their routine usage.  Food also available here.  Travel agents are eagerly waiting to serve the tourists. Michelia flowers will be supplied to entire Vizag city from this are only.

Food availability :  One can have their choice of food either vegetarian or non- veg and refreshments such as snacks and ice creams at Birla Junction one km away.

Important days to visit  :  In picnic season in November or for a particular occasion in February.

With in the area, spots to be visited  : Simhachalam Temple
Araku valley located 110 km from Visakhapatnam city, 1100 mts above sea level.  The valley's nick name was Andhra Ooty. The train track laid for this route is a miracle in the history of Railways. Iron ore from Bailadilla mining area will be transported to Visakhapatnam Port Trust through this route only. Tourists will start enjoying their trip even in the train. At a point, the track was so curved that  the driver and guard can shook their hands. The track was supported on the tops of two hills. A tribal dance named Dhimsa will be specially performed by local tribal women on the demand of tourists. In 1942 the British planted Padmavati gardens just 2 km away from Araku valley.Tourists can visit Araku by  a passenger train which will be started at 6.50 a.m and reach Araku by afternoon.
This train will be returning from Araku at evening. So tourists can come back to Vizag by road to enjoy the scenic beauty from other angle.

Best time to visit :  As a summer camp on April to June. For watching scenic beauty  November to January.
Nearest Places :
Padmapuram Botanical Gardens (2 Kms)
Tida Tunnel
Damuku View Point
Anatagiri Coffee Plantations ( 35 Kms )
Borra Caves
Tyda Park
Punnami Valley Resort
Tribal Arts & Crafts Center
Ranagilleda Water Falls ( 7 Kms )
Kothalasa Agriculture farm ( 2 Kms )
Sapari Matural Rock Formations (14 Kms )
Tribal Museum
Government Silk Farm
Mulbary Gardens
These caves were discovered by William King George of Geological Survey of India in 1807. The  stalactite and stalagmite formations found here  are dated back to million years by geologists. This place was in Anantagiri mandal which is 90 km away from Vizag city.

The flooring was done in the caves to facilitate easy movement of the tourists. These caves are formed by a special category lime stone. There is a Shiva Lingam  and Cow which are formed naturally( goddess Kamadhenu ). River Gostany's birth place situated in these caves only. From here the river flows in the shape of cow's udder and as the river named Gosthani.  These caves are just 25 km away from Araku valley.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park was situated  6 km from RTC Complex which will give enjoyment and time pass for both children and adults with the same magnitude. The zoo was second biggest in Andhra Pradesh. The zoo was spread across 625 acres of land. About 90 species including animals, reptiles and birds will cause visual feast to the audience. Among them there are 800 animals  placed in the cages as well as in open place.

The tourists can visit the zoo from Bheemili also through an entrance recently opened at Sagar Nagar. A mini train is in operational by the zoo authorities for watching the animals and  birds. Children have to pay Rs 10 per head and adults should pay Rs 15  per head  towards the train ticket. Physically challenged people can avail of the wheel chair facility at main gate , arranged by zoo officials.

The entrance fee for adult is Rs 15 per head and Rs 5 for children. If you want to roam in your car then you have to pay Rs 200 extra charge. Well known ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali inaugurated Walk Through Aviary  on March 28, 1982 to facilitate Eastern Ghat birds.   The transport facilities are very good to Zoo Park . One can go there by RTC bus or by an auto or by taxi.  

Important days to visit  : In picnic season in the months of November and December.

Nearest spots : Rushikonda beach, Bheemili beach and Kambala Konda reserve forest.

Best time to visit: Morning 10 am to 4 pm. Monday is a weekly holiday.


One can enjoy the views of sea and concrete jungle from each side of Kailasagiri, situated 5 km from RTC Complex. Kailasagiri is 350 feet above the sea level. The entrance fee  for children  is  Rs 2 per head and Rs 5 for adults per head.. For two wheeler one has to pay Rs 5 and for car Rs 25. If the tourists want to go in their own bus then they have to pay Rs 200.  The authorities are operating a toy train with in the park to view the scenic beauty of the park. The charges are fixed at Rs 20 for children per head and Rs 40 per head for adults.  Recent added attraction is rope way , while using this you can watch the beauty of city from top. The adults have to pay Rs 50 per head and the  children Rs 25 per head to avail of this rope way.  RTC buses will be plying from 9a.m to 8.30 p .m  to Kailasagiri hill .

There are 8 viewpoints built over the hill among them the best one is Titanic View Point. The idols of Shiva Parvati can be visible from any centre of the city .
One can enjoy by watching the following articles on the hill

Shanku Chakra Naama
Jungle Trails
7 Wonders of Vizag
Shiva Temple
Shanti Ashram
Floral Clock
Landscape Gardens / View Points
Gliding Base Point
Children Play Park
Art Gallery
Conference Hall
Telescopic Point
Nearest spots : RK beach, VUDA park


The park is named after acting legend and ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri NT RamaRao as “ Taraka Rama Park’ which was built at RK beach spreading  over 60acres of land. The park was developed and maintained by Visakha Urban Development Authority and also called VUDA Park. The park is famous for its skating rink where it obtained world record in limbo skating.

There will be unlimited joy for entire family members from the landscape  of the park, pigeon park, boating and a separate play ground for children covered with balloons.
There are artificial caves, special flower lawns and a separate park for children are built to enhance the joy of time pass.

Musical fountain will give a visual feast at 6.30 p. m daily to the tourists with an  entrance fee of Rs 5 per head. 

Regular musical concerts will be organized at Vaisakhi Open Air Audirtorium.

The park is situated 5 km from the RTC Complex, 7 km from train station and 11 km from the air port. One can reach there by bus or by private transport till the late night.
Nearest spots : Kali Mandir, Kailasagiri



One will lose his identity by just passing 3km from Scindhia Junction towards Yarada hill. The natural harbor Dolphin Nose was situated here only. There is a light house which will show path and give signals to the ships in the sea to the distance of 65km. This spot is 12 km away from RTC Complex, 10 km from train station and 10 km from the airport. RTC buses available from Complex at 8.30 a. m, 11 a. m and 4 p. m only. From Scindhia Junction there is a bus for every half an hour.    Even large ships can take shelter in the gap of the hill. The depth of the water and width of the opening is just sufficient for the free passage of ships. When the weather conditions are rough and not suitable for voyage then the ships will put their anchors here at Dolphin Nose and resume their travel after getting clearance from weather department.

Food : The local persons will arrange food after taking order from the tourists.
Important days:  All days.
Nearest spots : Gangavaram port, Steel Plant,
Best timing : Evening
Shopping details. Nearest shopping area is Gajuwaka which is a prime business center.



Basically a water reservoir situated at 5km away from RTC Complex became a tourist spot and a picnic spot with its scenic beauty in those days. It was decorated with peacock cage and bird cages, water fountains and a golf course club. The reservoir said to be built in very old days. RTC operating a bus service number 60 which plies between Old Post Office and Simhachalam will take us to this spot.

Perhaps this is the only place where the idols in the shape of human genitals are  being worshiped in our nation. This temple was built under the aegis of Kamakhya Peetham temple by auto. The cottages are maintained by Kamakhya Peetham with minimum charges. This temple  was built in two stairs. The sculpture work narrates the inter course process amongst human beings. In this region there is a custom of visiting this temple after  the couple got married.The temple area covered with  various flowering plants and trees and the landscape gives great pleasure to the visitors.
Archaeological Department of Andhra Pradesh found this Buddhist Shrine in their excavation during the period of 1982-1992. This place is 15 km away from RTC Complex and situated 125 mts above  the sea level. The sculptural  style found in this place are said to belong to Hinayana Buddhist Sect dated  back to 300 - 200 BC. The area was spread across 400 acres of land. Here we can see the beautiful sculpture work on Stupas, Chaityas, refectories and congregation halls also can be seen .   The shrine was situated in between Visakhapatnam and Bhimile road. You can reach the spot by bus or by a taxi or an auto. APTDC resorts are very near to this shrine. Private cottages also available.
FOOD : All varieties of food is available  at the resorts and cottages.
NEAREST SPOTS : Bavikonda, Red sand dunes, Bhimili and VUDA Park
SHOPPING : Nearest shopping area is MVP Colony. From here one can fulfill  their needs

The goddess of the Vizag city- Sri Kanaka Maha Lakshmi’s holy resting place is situated at Burujupeta near Old Post office in one town area.

The specialty of the temple is it was built without roof. According to the local people the goddess is also being worshipped by sun and moon along with the human beings.
The temple is 5 km away from the RTC Complex. Tourists can visit the temple by bus or by any other private transport. Local people will visit this temple after and along with the newly bought vehicle in general.

The goddess will be offered special prayers by the people from around the city in December, which falls in the Telugu calendar as Margashira month. In this month all Thursday s are treated as holy ones. The people from nearest towns and villages will throng here and have darshan of the goddess.


Bheemili situated 23 km  away from RTC Complex. It’s a pleasant drive for the riders and drivers at the same level. One feel the breeze of the oceanic air coming from the sea.  While passing to Bheemili one can observe a rare scenic beauty of Red Sand Dunes spread across 25 acres.  The soil here is in red colour as number of film songs were shot at this area. Narasimha Swamy temple is a famous temple in this area. Dutch tombs, the symmetry of erstwhile Dutch people   are another place of tourist attraction. At the beach there is a famous light house.

There is water sports complex is being operated by APTDC for the sports lovers.


Kambala konda reserve forest is situated opposite to Indira Zoological Park. This was a mini forest reserved for wild life.  APTDC maintains cottages for wild life lovers as they can watch the nocturnal life of the animals from the nearest point as they are staying at the cottages. One can watch wide range of animals, birds and reptiles at this area. Entrance fee is Rs 10 for adults and Rs 5 for kids. The interested tourists can participate in trekking camps also which will be organized by the authorities.



A natural bird sanctuary  located at Atutapuram mandal 45 k m away from Visakhapatnam is the best place to visit for bird lovers.  There is fresh water lake and one can avail of the boating facility from the both sides. This was spread over 800 hectares resembling forest. Birds from the all over the world visit this place in summer.  The area is covered with coconut trees and other trees. There is Shiva temple and Sri Venkateswara temple.
This is a unique place where we can find a temple for famous seven monks built in 14th   century.  APTDC offers many facilities at its  Punnami  resorts to the tourists. Here the beach was covered with golden sands. This was located at 13 km from the Vizag city. One can enjoy the water sports such as  water skiing, diving and surfing.


In entire Asia continent this is the only museum situated in  a submarine ship. INS Kurusura joined in India's naval  defence fleet in 1970 and then onwards  served 30 years till it was decommissioned in 2001. The civilian and defence authorities decided to use this still further and made this as a museum  at RK beach road in 2002. The museum was inaugurated by then Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu in August. The defence articles served to the nation and used by soldiers are placed in the museum. The retired staff of the Indian Navy are  working as curator and six persons as guides for this museum to serve the people.

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